Red, White and BBQ

Nothing says happy birthday to America like the gathering of friends and family for a BBQ. Whether you’re planning to serve traditional hot dogs and hamburgers or looking to elevate your offerings, Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse has you covered with a wide variety of high-quality foodservice products at great prices!

Gluten Free Food Shopping

Gluten Free Shopping at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse

Are you starting off 2023 with any resolutions for your diet? If so, you aren’t alone – year after year the most popular New Year’s resolution is eating healthier. In today’s blog we have a few ideas for recipe inspiration as well products you can find at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse that support a gluten free diet!

Appetizer and Side Dishes Recipes for Holidays

Best Appetizers & Side Dishes for Holiday Potlucks

If holiday potluck recipe selection has visions of side dishes dancing in your head, let Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse ease your mind with these quick and simple, crowd-pleasing recipes. All the ingredients are available in store alongside your other favorite Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse products, so you can stock up and save big for your holiday needs. After that, your only worry …

Eggnog Drinks & Recipes for Holidays

Eggnog Drinks and Recipes for The Holidays

Eggnog. The signature beverage of the holiday season. Just hearing the word elicits fond memories and prompts cravings of cheery cocktails and flavorful desserts. Available only seasonally, we understand why you’re running to the dairy case to get your fill. Just be sure it’s Shamrock Farms Eggnog you’re stocking up on. A small-batch recipe perfected over three generations and made …


Find Your Favorite Fall Flavors at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse

If there is one flavor that captures the feeling of fall, it’s pumpkin. Whether sipping a pumpkin beverage or biting into a delicious piece of pumpkin bread, the flavor reminds us of crisp autumn days, cozy clothes, and fireside chats with friends. If only we could enjoy it wherever, whenever we want. Good news…we can! A bottle of Torani Pumpkin …