On the Menu: Fish Fridays!

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As the season of Lent begins, look to Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse to make menu planning easy and grab what you need in one convenient shopping trip.

If seafood is going to be the star on your menu the next few months, you will want to shop our Pier 22 Seafood CO® fresh and frozen offerings.

With freshly harvested fish from locations across the globe and skilled craftsmen that know how to maximize freshness and flavor, our seafood selection will allow you to create great tasting dishes all season long. Whether the recipe calls for salmon, tilapia or shrimp, you will find it at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse.

Tried and true, you’ll also enjoy a wide selection of frozen, ready to fry, fish varieties perfect for adding a limited-time “Fish Fry Friday” this Lenten season. Team it up with your house fries for a taste of comfort, or elevate the experience using a mix of inspired sauces and fruit or vegetable sides that spotlight the flavors of spring.

In addition to fresh fish, we also have all of the ingredients you need to make a mouthwatering tuna salad recipe. With a great selection of mayonnaise from Katy’s Kitchen and Pierport’s Albacore Tuna White Chunk pack, we have the high-quality base ingredients to get you started. Not to mention condiments for all of your topping and dipping needs, from Panda Brand Soy Sauce Packets to Katy’s Kitchen Tartar Sauce.

Fresh fish and all the accoutrements are at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse to make your Lenten menu the best this year.

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