Trending: 2024 Dining Must-Haves

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Thanks to social media, and the widespread enthusiasm for sharing dining experiences, food trends are sweeping through the culinary scene faster than ever. Interested in capitalizing on the trends that will surely take 2024 by storm? Below, we’ll explore these trends and how Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse can help you leverage them to your advantage.

  • Healthy but evolving. The aspiration to eat healthily, particularly at the start of a new year, has been a consistent trend for decades. This year, the trend continues with patrons seeking healthier options, but there's a new aspect emerging within this segment: “healthspan”. Wellness experts and food brands are focusing on habits and strategies that support our “healthspan”, which involves the quality of the years we have. Be sure to add wellness-supporting items to your menu, such as herbal coffees, inflammation-taming foods and more. During your next visit to Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse, explore our Oli Pop line for healthy drinks that seamlessly integrate into your menu.
  • Returning to your roots. Plant-based is still growing, and in 2024 consumers are taking it a step further and wanting to ensure these products are in fact made from plants and feature whole-ingredient protein sources like mushrooms and walnuts and fewer ingredients on labels in general. In addition to plant-based products, an always popular trend is a desire to get more plants into our diets. Emphasizing fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Fortunately, you can rely on us for Markon fresh produce, available in-store. With our high-quality, fresh produce, you're well-equipped to craft a menu that's both healthful and appealing.
  • Just add spice. Trending now is hot and fiery foods. From hot food challenges to new slang such as “swicy” (sweet and spicy) taking the stage, make sure to include spicy options on your menu to attract interest and make menu items stand out from the crowd. Gen Z is much more open to spice than previous generations, and capitalizing on this in 2024 could be highly beneficial for businesses. Explore our extensive selection of spices under the Katy’s Kitchen brand at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse and take your patrons on an adventurous ride with new food and drink options.
  • Bite-sized culinary treats. Predicted to be a big trend this year, Americans are looking for little luxuries to add to their day. Treats have always been popular but backing up to our “heathspan” trend, consumers are now more mindful about eating, which leads us to a happy compromise of savoring little delights. Try adding sampler-size appetizers to your menus or smaller delicacies for dessert.
  • Convenience is still king. Convenience is not a new trend but keeping up with technology and new trends in this category will help keep things fresh. Streamlining ordering and integrating quick and easy-to-serve menu items are easy ways to ensure convenience is always part of your dining experience.

Join the above trends and we bet you’ll see the rewards with more business and happy patrons kicking off the new year at your establishment!  We are here to help you add these trends to your menu with a wide selection of foodservice quality products at great prices!

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