Sustainable To-Go Packaging Solutions

When looking at 2024 restaurant trends, sustainability and to-go orders are both on the list. Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse has just the solution to meet both of those trends in a 2-for-1 deal: ProPak’s sustainable, to-go packaging!

According to Grubhub for Restaurants, food delivery and takeout are still among the top restaurant trends for 2024, even after peaking in 2020. The great thing about takeout and delivery, is these foodservice opportunities can be used across all dayparts and segments.

In addition to takeout, sustainability is set to be one of the top trends in the foodservice industry this year. An astounding 57% of consumers consider sustainability when choosing a restaurant and because of that, many restaurants are choosing biodegradable takeout containers.

Here is what makes our ProPak® brand your solution for sustainable, reliable to-go packaging!

  • Expanded sustainable options. ProPak IMPACT Responsibility Sourced Goods featuring packaging material innovation with compostable molded fiber and mineral-filled polypropylene containers.
  • Food quality remains intact. The key to successful to-go orders is keeping the quality of the food, whether that means keeping it cold or hot, crispy, separate or mixed together. Compartmentalized, bento-box style individual packaging prevents foods from mixing together and allows for portion control which helps keep down food costs. ProPak® offers both Sugarcane and Polypropylene take out three compartment containers.
  • Secure food. Sealed wrapping and tamper-evident packaging is key to ensuring the consumer knows their food is safe and secure. ProPak® tamper evident seals make it immediately clear that containers haven’t been opened during delivery.
To learn more about our ProPak® offerings, stop by your local Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse today!