Summer Grilling Made Easy

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Summer is here which means backyard grilling season is underway! Whether you are relaxing at home with your family or gearing up for a neighborhood BBQ, we’ve rounded up key grilling tips and tricks to make your outdoor gathering more relaxing and fun.

The basic hacks: getting the grill ready!

  • Keep it clean. Ditch the grill brush and try using a disposable tin foil ball to clean the grill cooking grates. Simply place the ball of tin foil in a pair of tongs and wipe them down.
  • Propane check. Check your propane level by pouring a glass of hot water over one side to find the point where it turns from being hot to cold, with the hot areas indicating where it’s empty. Note: a standard 20-pound propane tank can generally provide 18-20 hours of grilling time.
  • Determine your grill’s hot spots. Take the guesswork out of where hot spots are with this simple test. Grab some sliced bread and lay them across the grill at medium-high heat for 90 seconds. Flip over to see what areas you might want to avoid when grilling more delicate meats and veggies.

The cooking hacks: becoming a grill master!

  • Season meat ahead of time. For maximum flavor meat needs to be seasoned at least an hour before grilling. If you forget to season or run out of time your next best option is to season immediately before grilling. Note: add extra seasoning as most of it is cooked off during grilling.
  • Fish infused with citrus. Add flavor to your fish while also preventing breakage or sticking to the grill by first layering citrus down. Thinly sliced lemons or oranges one-quarter inch thick are great options.
  • Juicy burgers coming up. Ensure your patties don’t dry out by placing a few small ice cubes or cold butter in the center of the raw burger, which will distribute moisture as it cooks and melts throughout the patty.
  • The finale: chef-inspired grill marks. The meat needs to start out pointing at 10:00 to be seared until charred lines form and then rotated on the same side to point to 2:00. Flip and repeat.

Now you’re ready to become the grill master you have within you! And, no matter what the menu calls for, Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse has you covered with high-quality meats and seafood, fresh produce, premium dairy, and so much more. With no membership fees, our warehouse store is perfect for the home shopper looking for products approved and used by chefs.

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