National BBQ Month is here!

May is the gateway to summer with longer days, warmer temps and for home chefs: the chance to get outside and celebrate National BBQ Month! Whether you prefer charcoal or gas, wood-smoked or cast-iron, we have the perfect recipe for you to get inspired to fire up the grill and cook a delicious surf and turf meal.

First, start by shopping at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse to get the highest quality of meat and fish through our family of brands Gold Canyon Meat Co. and Pier 22 Seafood Company. With trained meat cutters that can prepare hand-crafted custom cuts of beef, poultry, lamb and veal, your center of the plate grilling option will be sure to stand out on the BBQ! Additionally, Pier 22 is the perfect complement to your meat of choice with skilled craftsmen maximizing fish freshness and flavor in a variety of fish options.

Now that you have the main ingredients handled, check out this recipe from Over the Fire Cooking that includes a seasoning blend that works for both the steak and seafood, sear cooking techniques and other tips. Our spice aisle is also second to none, making us the perfect destination for every ingredient needed for grilling blends.

Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all your grilling needs and our friendly staff is here to help answer any questions on your next visit.

Move the meat and seafood over and make way for dessert! Grill some peaches and serve over ice cream with caramel drizzle to top off your BBQ meal.