School Lunch Prep Made Easy

The small joys of back-to-school season are upon us. The smell of new pencils. Finding the perfect notebook. Reading through the list of classmates’ names. Making school lunches. Wait, what? Scratch that last one!

Few and far between are those who actually look forward to packing school lunches. Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse is here to remind you that it’s okay to take it back to basics. Not every student’s lunch needs to be Pinterest-worthy. We recommend simply striving to incorporate the five food groups – protein, fruit, veggie, grain and dairy – each day or as often as possible.

To help you with your shopping list, we’ve created a printable checklist by food group. Simply work with your kiddo to notate which items they’re interested in having as lunch options, stock up at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse, and then choose an item from each category to pack each day.

Pack school lunches that are nutritious and delicious with our easy-to-shop warehouse store that has everything the home shopper needs for school lunches and much more. We’ve got you covered for breakfast, dinner, snacks and non-food items like cleaning supplies and paper products. Stock up and save today at a Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse near you.