Refresh your menu with new summer dessert ideas!

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Get ready for summer business with a dessert menu refresh that will draw guests to your establishment!

Why dessert refresh? Dataessential research shows that 60% of restaurant operators credit desserts with helping drive profits and with the season changing, now is the perfect time to capitalize on lighter offerings and flavor trends.

Here are our experts’ top tips for easily updating your dessert menu this summer:

  • Incorporate new mix-ins or toppings to drive sales of ice cream, milkshakes and more. Look for fresh, summer produce or favorite branded candy mix-ins as options.
  • Classic, familiar flavors continue to be popular and attract customers that are looking for nostalgic comfort in their dessert. Simple desserts like cookies, cakes, brownies and ice cream continue to be best sellers.
  • Offer limited-time dessert menu items to draw customers in and continue switching up these offers to keep your desserts fresh and exciting.
  • Include summer dessert deals during key timeframes or offer as something new like a dessert happy hour menu. Despite tighter budgets, customers are more optimistic about their spending and are open to trying new things if they’re on deal or being sampled.
  • For dessert menu inspo, here are this year’s top summer flavor trends:
    • Tropical fruit: look for ways to incorporate dragon fruit, guava, ube, tamarind and guanabana into your desserts.
    • Flavor combinations: mix tropical and classic fruit flavors to bring innovative tastes to your desserts. Guava-strawberry anyone?
    • Summer heat: create an unexpected flavor treat by adding a little spice where ever you can, such as hot honey.
Wondering how flavor preference among generations could alter your dessert menu? Younger customers are part of a more culturally diverse generation and flavor preferences have changed drastically among them. Gen Z and Millennials are seeking spice and global cuisine, showcasing a more adventurous approach to flavors. They also show a strong preference for tropical flavors, with nearly 75% expressing interest in dragon fruit.

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