New Year’s Resolutions, Business-Edition

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Happy New Year to our valued customers! As we step into 2024, we remain committed to being your go-to resource in foodservice. Let's kick off the year with our first blog, highlighting helpful resolutions that can drive your business forward.

As your foodservice partner, we are always in your corner rooting for the success of your business. Here are some proven resolutions our friends at Shamrock Foods came up with to help customers start off the new year with a 5-star experience.

Refine your upsell.

Upselling can increase profits and be very successful if done well. Part of ensuring you reap the benefits of a good upsell is training your employees so that menu add-ons and extras can be optimized. Guide your employees on the appropriate timing to recommend a menu item. Offering a popular appetizer when ordering drinks is an effective way to start the dining experience.

Know your audience.

Catering to the preferences of your restaurant's patrons is key. Consider adapting to attract new customers by paying attention to generational nuances. With younger generations dining out more frequently, incorporating popular food trends can significantly boost sales. It’s always good to offer a variety of options to retain or attract new customers as diets tend to fluctuate. Make sure gluten-free, meatless alternatives and other dietary considerations are part of your menu planning. With brands such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse, we have you covered with ingredients you need for your basic menu and any new ones you are adding and want to try.

Build your loyalty program.

Give your patrons a reason to keep coming back (outside of great food, of course!) by offering a loyalty program. Repeat business is a sure way to maximize profits but it also accomplishes increased positive word of mouth. Personalize a patron’s visit with small touches like remembering their name and offering rewards for their next visit. Staying up on the latest technology and apps is also a great way to keep your establishment top of mind with discounts, seasonal menu offerings and more to get them back in the door. Speaking of loyalty programs, check out Shamrock Rewards My Store Savings and enjoy great savings every time you shop.

Ask for reviews.

Review sites are extremely popular and often used when deciding the next place to have dinner. Be sure to set up your business on these sites and take the time to develop thoughtful and personalized responses to reviews. This is an excellent way to build relationships and show great customer service, especially when handling negative comments and reviews.

We serve you, you serve reviews! Share your Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse store experience by visiting Google Reviews!

Whether you focus on developing upsell items, building your loyalty program or looking at all of the above new year strategies, we are wishing you success in 2024 and hope to see you in-store soon!

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