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Must-Have Bulk Baking & Breakfast Items

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Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse caters to home shoppers and restauranteurs alike, which means our home shoppers have chef-approved restaurant-quality products at their fingertips. We have thousands of products that will deliver on your meal planning prowess and today, we’re focused on the must-have items for baking and breakfast.

Baking Essentials

If you make a lot of items from scratch, stocking up on Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse’s bulk baking supplies, including all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar will save you money and trips to the store. We also recommend our Katy’s Kitchen Baking Soda (1 lb), Clabber Girl Baking Powder (5 lb), and Fleishmann’s Yeast Instant Dry (1 lb) to ensure your pantry is always ready for baking.

For those days when baking-from-scratch is not in the cards, we offer a variety of Krusteaz Baking Mixes to save the day. Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse carries restaurant-quality bulk mixes for cakes, muffins, cornbread, brownies and more!

Breakfasts of Champions

Oatmeal, bacon, eggs, pancakes and cereal. Shopper surveys consistently revealed these as the top five breakfast foods, and Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse has you covered on these and more – all in cost-saving bulk sizes.

Our frozen section is packed with breakfast sidekicks, including sausage, chorizo, biscuits, pastries and waffles. We also boast baking mixes for perfect pancakes, muffins and more. And, for those items that double as snacks, stock up on Pop-tarts, Belvita, Nutrigrain bars and Nature Valley bars, among others.*

Most importantly, don’t forget to grab coffee and all the mix-ins for your coffee bar. Yes, we have a spacious, easy-to-shop aisle for that too!

You’ll find all this and more at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse, where you can get in, get what you need, and get going. Stop in today and begin building your stock of premium baking and breakfast bulk items.

*Items may vary slightly by store

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