Let’s Talk Turkey: New Flavors & Uses to Spice Things Up

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Thanksgiving is known as one of the more traditional holidays. People have tried-and-true ways of decorating, celebrating with family and friends and menu planning. When it comes to cooking the turkey, we all have Grandma’s 25+ year-old turkey recipe that makes an appearance on our holiday table every season.

But, with so many flavors to experiment with and different ways of prepping turkey that have come about in recent years, your patrons might be looking for a new spin on Thanksgiving’s main dish. Move over traditional turkey and check out these ideas for the upcoming holiday.

  • Puerto Rican-inspired flavor. For a deeper brown appearance and extra rich flavor mix these ingredients together and rub all over the turkey: oil, achiote paste, oregano, granulated garlic, and cumin.
  • Tuscan-style flavor. For a moist and flavorful turkey, try mixing the following ingredients together: butter, freshly chopped sage, zest of one lemon, minced garlic, Kosher salt and red pepper flakes. The key with this mixture is to spread it between the muscle and the skin of the turkey.
  • Turkey rub flavor. Transform a roasted turkey into a flavorful main dish with this easy homemade rub: salt, brown sugar, paprika, pepper, thyme, rosemary, sage, garlic powder and onion powder.

Whether you stick to traditional turkey recipes or decide to try something new from the suggestions above, Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse is here to serve you fresh ingredients and high-quality products so that your patrons can celebrate the holiday with a great-tasting meal on you!

Also, turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving! Whether it’s leftover from the holiday or a continuation on your menu to celebrate the season, shop for everything you need for other turkey-featuring recipes such as turkey stew, tiki masala, pozole, curry and more here at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse.

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