Catering Ideas for Graduation Parties

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Graduations are a once-in-a-lifetime event as they celebrate a new milestone in your loved one’s life. They should be celebrated with lots of fanfare and lots of food. You can hire a caterer for a graduation party, or you can cater it yourself – even if you have many guests. Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse makes catering your own graduation party less stressful since you can pick up everything you need right at one of our many stores in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico or Texas. You can even order many products online – and you don’t even have to be a restaurant or a full-time caterer to do it.

Food Planning for a graduation party

Depending on the number of people invited and the amount of money you want to spend, you can cater a sit-down meal with steaks, do a barbeque, or even offer finger foods – more like a Super Bowl party. Some catering ideas include:

Eating a Theme

Create a theme for your graduate’s party. Prepare food around that theme. It can be a theme related to your graduate’s course of study or even your graduate’s favorite place. If your graduate loves the beach, consider doing a beach-themed party with pinwheel sandwiches, bowls of various snack mixes, light and filling pasta salads, lemonade, tea or punch with assorted berries, watermelon salad, chicken and ham salad sandwiches with all the fixings and more.

Smokehouse Barbecue

Fire up the smoker! Smoke a Boston butt the day before and marinate it in barbeque sauce overnight. Keep it warm in a slow cooker when it’s time to serve. Fill the smoker with racks of juicy baby back ribs in the morning, but be sure to leave room to add bratwurst later in the day. Fill a platter with grilled burgers and hotdogs. You can make large potato and pasta salads. Pile everything on large platters on tables so people can help themselves.

Dipping Party

A dipping party is always fun. Set up fountains of melted cheese and chocolate with fruits, julienne vegetables and cheese. Add crackers and various types of summer sausages and kielbasa. Make sheet pans full of sliders with various types of sandwich meat and cheese. Right before serving, toast them in the oven and then stack them on platters. You can do ham and Swiss, salami and provolone, roast beef and cheddar, turkey and muenster – plus build a stack off all of them with American for those who don’t care for the various types of cheese.

Steak Dinner Party

If you have a smaller number of guests, you can have a nice sit-down dinner with steaks, duchess potatoes, a couple of vegetables and a few fancy desserts. Cook the steaks on the grill to everyone’s liking. Make sure you pick up some toothpicks with different color frills on the top so you can tell how each steak is cooked. If you want to go really fancy, have a multi-course meal with appetizers, soup and a salad.

Visit Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse

You can find everything you need for a graduation party at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse. Visit one of our stores to pick up everything you need, or create an account to order online.

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