Trending Flavors for 2023

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The year 2023 is already proving to be flavorful and Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse has the ingredients needed to spice up your menus.

Latin and Mexican influences are 2023’s hottest trend, with salsa macha, elote and birria leading the movement of adding a little extra flare to your food.

Salsa macha is rooted in the Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, and typically contains garlic, dried peppers, nuts and oils. Salsa macha is slightly spicy with a touch of tanginess and is delicious topped on quesadillas or tacos.

What to shop for at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse: Markon Ready Set Serve Garlic and a variety of oils. 

Traditionally, elote is a Mexican street food made from corn, topped with lime and mayonnaise, then rolled in crumbled cotija cheese and chili powder. This year, expect to find elote-inspired flavors on everything from appetizers, like corn fritters, to entrées, like elote mac n’ cheese.

What to shop for at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse: Bountiful Harvest Corn, Katy’s Kitchen Mayonnaise, chili powder and cojita cheese.

Originating in Jalisco, birria is traditionally served as a stew made from goat meat, but can be made from beef, lamb, mutton or chicken. The meat is marinated in an adobo made of vinegar, dried chiles, garlic, herbs and spices. This year, we can expect to see this savory meat as a taco filling on nachos or yes, even on pizza.

What to shop for at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse: Wide variety of beef and chicken cuts, various kinds of vinegar and many herbs and spices.

Beyond Latin influences, the tinned fish trend is continuing to build momentum in 2023. Tinned fish increases accessibility to seafood thanks to its affordable price and long expiration date, providing all the vital nutrients and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids as fresh fish. Furthermore, tinned fish’s mild flavor profile makes it an excellent protein for a variety of flavors. Look for imported mussels, clams, anchovies and sardines to find their way onto boards, into salads and topping everything from scrambles to noodle dishes.

What to shop for at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse: Canned anchovy plus frozen mussels and clams.

At our stores you’ll find all the flavors and ingredients you need to create a standout menu for your guests in 2023. Shop thousands of foodservice and wholesale grocery products at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse. Whether you’re a chef, restaurant operator or shopping for your household, we offer a fresh shopping experience, and great prices – all with no membership required.

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