Seafood Takes the Spotlight for Lent

The moment every fish has been waiting for is here: the chance to be the center-of-the-plate star during the season of lent! Our go-to option for all things seafood is our exclusive brand Pierport.

  • Pierport shrimp is farm-raised in healthy, controlled environments that adhere to responsible and ethical practices.  Flavorful, fresh and versatile, Pierport Shrimp is certified as sustainable and offers a wide variety including white and black tiger. Try these Creamy Crab Shrimp Enchiladas for a Mexican-inspired flavorful Friday meal during Lent.
  • Tilapia is a versatile and inexpensive fish, making it a great option to incorporate into this Lenten season. We love a good Fried Tilapia Sandwich served on potato rolls with a side of lemon tarragon tartar sauce.
  • Next to shrimp, scallops are one of the quickest and easiest seafoods to prepare. While scallops can stand on their own, they’re also a great addition to pasta, tacos and soups. We recommend these Scallops with Prosciutto created especially for Shamrock Foods by Chef Richard Blais.
Stop by Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse today and shop our Pierport seafood selection for all of your Lenten meals.